Sunday, July 7, 2013


Polish day in standard class! All podium for todays task is our! Kawa is first after two days, and he have 2000 points, at the second place there are two pilots: Wojciechowski and Wójcik,Weather conditions at the task was quite good, lifts more than 2 m/s average, and cloudbase about 1500m AMSL. Matthew Scutter told me that he found Kawa on the task, but he could't follow him, Kawa was too fast. Polish Team is now watching volleyball match Poland vs USA.
Lukasz Blaszczyk gave me inflight videos from today, so you can see screnshots bellow ;)
fot K. Wesołowski
fot Ł.Błaszczyk
fot Ł. Błaszczyk
fot Ł.Błaszczyk
task time reduced to 3:45h Starts and live broadcast start in.a minute!

We had to prepare glider to flight so there were no relation yet. On the sky we have some altocumulus but it's dissapearing. Almost all competitors are on grid. Now all pilots are on briefing. Tasks are available on the soaring spot. Remember about live broadcast at 12 o'clock! Yesterday it was successful. If you were watching it, please leave a comment, so i know that everything is working. Yesterday I was talking with many pilots, but because of outlanding i had no time to write something from that. But soon it will be on the blog. I talked witch teams from Argentinian, Belgium, UK, Czech, Swiss, Italy, Japan. Stay tuned!

(RUS) - День 2

(FRA) Jour 2

(POL) - Dzień 2


(ITA) - Giorno 2