Saturday, July 20, 2013

(ENG) Day 14


Welcome everyone at the last comp day. Today organisers planned also tasks for 1000 points! At the morning we had some altocumulus clouds but they're disappearing.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(ENG) Day 10

16:00 We have finishes now, and very strong headwind. 10:57 Take offs confirmed at 11:00. Tasks are AAT. 4 hours for 20m, 3:30 to STD, and 3h for Clubs.


Good morning! Finally we have blue sky at the morning. But cumulus clouds starts popping all around.
Briefing is earlier at 9:30. What that's mean? Longer tasks? Thunderstorms? We'll see! Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Welcome after 3 days rest! Sky is fully covered by low stratocumulus clouds. Briefieng is 10:30

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sorry for no actual relations at fifth day but i feel realy bad and everythin goes wrong, but it doesn’t matter.

Past relation.
Yesterday meteorologists was forecasting that fast moving cold front will bring thunderstorms afternoon. But front came to airfield about 20:00. Many competitors start task just after start line was opened. The weather condition improved later so there is huge difference in speed results depending on time of start.

In standard class the winner was… Radek Krejcirik, very young, and very tallented pilot from Czech Republic,  he is holding World  Vice Champion title in 15m class.  In club class, polish pilots finally won the day! It allowed Błaszczyk to take second place in total, and Barszcz to go closer to the podium.
In Double Seater class the winner was Thesinger and Starck. Polish teams cooperation, as Ł. Grabowski said to me, is going better and better. Centka & Grabowski are now on the second place in overall. Czeladzki & Trzewik are still at fifth place. 

At the evening we had international party. Every country prepare some national meals, and drinks. The atmosphere was great. Small band was playing some polish music, until Dutch kick the guitar man out of scene and start playing real rock. They were great! Everyone enjoy the party, and hearing all these languages in the air in one place was fantastic.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


All gliders are in the air. Tracking is working so so.
Polish Multi-Seater Team is planning their flight
Tow plane pilots, are sometimes crazy ;)
Starts has just begun. Live broadcast in 5 minutes ;)

Starts in 2 minutes!

Good Morning! Sun is shining the same as Ofiicial Board. Afer 3 days in Standard class we have all podium, in Double Seater Class Centka&Grabowski are at the third place, Czeladzki&Trzewik just behind them. In Club Class Błaszczyk is on 5 place, but loosing only about 200 point to leader As i'm talking with competitors, they all are amazed by polish weather, and asking is it normal? Weather for today also looks promising so i wish you good day, and high speeds for all competitors!

Photos from yesterday's grid

Monday, July 8, 2013


17:00 20m class is approaching 16:39 We have finals now. Watch it live on,1-szybowcowe-mistrzostwa-europy-fai 13:29
All competitors are in the air. Cloudbase was about 1600m AMSL.

Danish team love Poland ;)
D-KARC thermaling 
Local tv is making interview with Ł. Błaszczyk 
D-KLCS "CS" is self launching
Sky looks perfect! Racing tasks for all classes are at least 320km (in Club Class)!

Good morning everyone! Sky is blue, sun is heating, it's look like begining of nice day! A lot of news, and great TV studio with comentary, briefieng and finals live you can find here:,1-szybowcowe-mistrzostwa-europy-fai