Tuesday, July 9, 2013


All gliders are in the air. Tracking is working so so.
Polish Multi-Seater Team is planning their flight
Tow plane pilots, are sometimes crazy ;)
Starts has just begun. Live broadcast in 5 minutes ;)

Starts in 2 minutes!

Good Morning! Sun is shining the same as Ofiicial Board. Afer 3 days in Standard class we have all podium, in Double Seater Class Centka&Grabowski are at the third place, Czeladzki&Trzewik just behind them. In Club Class Błaszczyk is on 5 place, but loosing only about 200 point to leader As i'm talking with competitors, they all are amazed by polish weather, and asking is it normal? Weather for today also looks promising so i wish you good day, and high speeds for all competitors!

Photos from yesterday's grid
fot: http://wlkp24.info/aktualnosci/3563,egc-01-lotnisko-michalkow-z-lotu-ptaka.html